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  • Maximum variety for extreme learning success
  • Over 15 artists, 13 workshops and 60 hours of content
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Theory & practice combined
  • 27 Subtitles e.g. German, English, etc.



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  • Unlimited access for 12 months
  • Maximum variety for extreme learning success
  • Over 15 artists, 13 workshops and 60 hours of content
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Theory & practice combined
  • 27 Subtitles e.g. German, English, etc.
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(one-time billing: lifetime access)

  • Specific knowledge uniquely prepared
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  • Over 300 minutes of exclusive video content
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Theory & practice combined
  • 27 Subtitles e.g. German, English, etc.
6 top reasons to choose our exclusive mentoring program

What you get from us: Contents of our exclusive WMA mentoring program

Basic Course

In the basic course, you will learn basic tattooing skills and techniques, such as hygiene, color mixing, line work and shading, from experienced mentors to build a solid foundation for your career as a tattoo artist.

15+ Workshops

Expand your skills as a tattoo artist and learn from experienced artists in specialized techniques and styles. 15 individual expert workshops include over 55 hours of material and a unique opportunity to advance your career and deepen your skills.


As part of our community, benefit from live Q&A sessions with experienced mentors and network with over 1000 participants to get valuable feedback and inspiration. Become part of our community and further your career as a tattoo artist through an expanded network.

Different Styles

Immerse yourself in diverse tattoo styles and master popular techniques. From timeless traditional to realistic, bodyflow, bold blackwork, and innovative neo-traditional. Elevate your skills and stand out in the industry.

Save Money

Save money and eliminate travel expenses with our affordable tattoo mentoring seminar. Get expert guidance and valuable insights without the high cost of personal coaching sessions.

24/7 Learning

Accessible on mobile and desktop, you can study whenever and wherever you want, at your own pace. Experience the ultimate flexibility in expanding your tattooing skills.

Discover what makes our workshops so special!

We highly prioritize quality and expertise to ensure your creative journey becomes truly memorable. Here, you get an exclusive peek into one of our 15+ workshops.


Get to know the mentor and gain insight into the course content

Workspace Preparation

In this lesson, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks that will make your work easier

Needles, Machine & Colors

Discover which tattoo machine, needles, and colors suit you best

Stencil Process

Look over the artist’s shoulder and learn what it takes to create the perfect stencil

Tattoo Session

Exclusive insights into a tattoo session with all the details and tips during the process

Technique & Experiences

In this lesson, learn more about the artist’s special techniques and experiences


Learn tricks and tips about capturing tattoos perfectly with your smartphone


Learn everything that matters after getting tattooed to ensure the perfect result

Your mentors

Imagine learning from award-winning mentors: Observe the best tattoo artists in the world, learn their techniques and utilize their knowledge. No guesswork, just pure expertise. With WeMakeArtists, we make the impossible possible. Start learning from the best today.

What our participants say

For us, feedback is of paramount importance. It allows us to continuously improve our workshops and provide an even better learning experience.

Join us: Over 4,000 artists from 50 countries in our tattoo community!

I work only in a private environment and on recommendation, but at a good level! Nevertheless, I was able to learn a lot more here and refine my work! That was a good investment in the future!


I was a little skeptical at first but I have to say, you feel like the tattoo artist is just talking to you during the seminars. I am really very satisfied and can only recommend it to everyone!


I wish something like WMA had existed much earlier. No bullshit but 100% hands on instruction from icons in the industry! You’ve got something great going on here. Thanks you!


Very good course! Content and quality much better than expected d Looking forward to more artists and new knowledge! 100% recommendation!

Join our family

Follow us on Instagram at ‘wemakeartistsde,’ explore over 500 customer feedbacks, and become part of our 50K-strong global community.


Our journey begins by flying to the most talented tattoo artists around the globe. We not only record high-quality seminars, but also dive deep into their creative world.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best workshop possible. Our team always strives for the highest quality and brings the unique flair of each artist and art form to life in the videos. We want to revolutionize the tattoo scene and give everyone the opportunity to learn from the best tattoo artists worldwide.

In this exclusive trailer you get a small taste of the outstanding quality and inspiring knowledge that awaits you in our courses.

Any questions?

What is the WeMakeArtists mentoring?

WEMAKEARTISTS is just the push in your life you’ve been looking for. Because we bring your tattoo skills to the next level. In our extensive video workshops you will find the right professional tattoo artist for every tattoo style, who will pass on his expertise to you. You want to learn, grow and develop? Then you’ve come to the right place!

What does my access include?

With your personal account you get full access to all included workshops for a whole year. So you can watch all the workshops again and again. Whenever you want. As often as you like. The detailed basic course, numerous workshops by world-class artists, access to live events and your earned certificates and progress are secured in your account.

What will I learn from this mentoring?

Special techniques, sophisticated tattoo styles, in-depth expertise, secret insider tips. Here you’ll learn just about everything you need to know to be a better tattoo artist. From machines, needles, colors, to the stitching, to the subsequent tattoo care. How do you tattoo on difficult parts of the body? How do you create the perfect stencil? How do you stitch an anime motif? These and all other questions will be answered by numerous professional artists in our workshops.

How does the training program work?

In our extensive High Quality Tattoo Workshops you can look over the shoulder of numerous professional tattoo artists. They pass on their insider knowledge to you and share their many years of experience and secret tips & tricks with you. Only at WEMAKEARTISTS you can experience up close demanding sessions where you can learn directly from masters of the tattoo art.

What is the workshop procedure?

Each artist has his own workshop. You will get to know the artist and his individual tattoo art. The centerpiece of each workshop is a detailed tattoo session where you’ll get up close and personal with the artist stitching a masterpiece. Each workshop offers you several learning chapters. However, each artist has his own special talent and unique character. That’s what makes the different workshops so exciting.

What are the benefits of mentoring?

The concentrated expertise. The successful artists. The awesome look. The impressive workshop quality. The list of advantages is long. But the most important thing is: you learn your favorite tattoo technique. And you can do it when you want. And where you want. The learning fun never stops! Because there are constantly new artists, new techniques and new workshops for you.

What happens when I have looked at all the workshops?

No Panic! That won’t happen, because new exciting workshops from top artists are waiting for you on a regular basis! BUT your performance is of course always rewarded with us! That’s why you receive your personal certificate for every seminar you complete. This shows that you have actively pursued your education and are now an even better tattoo artist.

What previous knowledge do I need to have?

The special thing about WEMAKEARTISTS is that you can massively advance your tattoo skills as a beginner as well as an advanced tattoo artist. You determine the learning pace. And choose the learning content yourself. In the basic course you will learn important basic knowledge about professional equipment and your first sessions. In individual workshops you will learn sophisticated techniques. Explained in detail and repeatable at any time.

What risks should I be aware of?

You take a big risk of waking up in the morning after the first workshop feeling much more competent, creative and motivated! If you are ready for it, we recommend WEMAKEARTISTS. If you’d rather stand still, learn nothing, and blow your talent to smithereens, please leave this page now.

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